Services we Offer as Painting Contractors in NH


Painting Contractors Serving NH

Painting Contractors Serving NH

As Painting Contractors in NH, We Provide:

 Interior & Exterior Painting of Residential & Commercial Buildings

New Construction & Renovation/Remodeling

  •  We Stain & Urethane
  • Remove Wallpaper
  • Texture/Re-texture Ceilings
  • fix Water Damage
  • Repair drywall
  • Clean & Re-finish Floors
  • Power Wash
  • Replace Window Panes & Re-Glaze Old Windows
  • Caulk Log Cabins
  • We do Interior and exterior Carpentry
  • Paint Fences

As Painting Contractors in NH, Bruce Thibeault Painting always uses a quality product that we stand behind with a guarantee. Whether it is fixing a rotted board outside, replacing a broken window pane, or going inside repairing damaged drywall like holes, cracks or sealing the water stains in your ceilings, we start and finish the job in a professional and timely manor. Inside and outside we always do our best to keep a very clean work environment. Customers satisfaction is our most important goal.

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